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Real Trini Food by Real Trini People 

Bake n shark sandwich

The quintessential Trini good-for-anytime-day-or-night sandwich is a Bake ’n Shark.

Our signature sandwich is a golden brown float (fried flatbread) stuffed with crisply fried shark marinated in a mix of fresh green herbs, topped with a piquant mango chutney, layers of tamarind, garlic, and chadon beni (culantro) sauces, plus our secret sauce garnished with our homestyle hot pepper sauce.

It will drown you so deeply in flavor, you’ll need to call a lifeguard!

 Our Cookbook

Trinidad ingredients

Gourmet on-the-go fish sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, Caribbean fruit punches, and passion fruit rum cake.

Our menu is infused with the freshest ingredients that you’d normally only taste on the island during Carnival or at Maracas Bay Beach. With bake ‘n shark & tings so sweet, you’ll swear you’re on a Caribbean beach.

Hand Prepared

Fresh Herbs

Whole Spices

Organic Extracts

Find the Trini Style Truck

No need to wait for the annual summer fair anymore, but you still have to wait for the weekend. Come enjoy Trini food at our food truck.

Church One 2023 Fall Carnival

calendar icon Thursday, Friday, October 26th & 27th 

clock 6:00 – 9:00 PM

location pin 2400 State Hwy, Plano, TX 75025

Book Our Truck for an Event

If you want guaranteed flavor cooked on-the-spot, order the whole truckload and we’ll come to you.

“Bake & Shark is surely a local favorite!”

– Rachel Ray

“The food is the glue that binds the society together.”

– Anthony Bordain, ‘Parts Unknown: Trinidad & Tobago’

"Best Fish Sandwich I have ever tasted"

– Andrew Zimmerman


Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area